The sad story of many product designs

12:59:00 AM

We all know what happens to our lovely product designes when they get through a production process; this is a really sad story.

1-  Finish the Design: You've finished the most stylish, sustainable, creative, functional product design ever to save the world. Yes, you're sure. This will get a RED DOT. BEST OF BEST!

2- Technical Design: Oh no! The time has come. Your design faced an engineer. You've already lost one of the arms of the design. Yes, engineers don't understand us.

Engineer: 1, Designer:0

3- Prototype: Oh! You're really shocked how this forth arm is not working.

Engineer: 2, Designer:0

4- Tests: You are speechless.

5-Ta ta it's ready!:

The only advice here watch a movie.

Take a look at the trailer of 'Ghost in the Shell'.

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