When a product designer enters 'UX Jungle'

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Divide design, create professions! That was exactly what I felt at UXAlive as a product designer. This UX conference organized by Userspots really let me explore so many things about UX sector.

I got the chance to attend UXAlive which was held on May in İstanbul this year thanks to the courtesy of Userspots. Userspots is a user experience design company based in İstanbul. Once I have contacted with them for a UX project.

During the conference, I met people working as a UX Designer in different companies and places. The most shocking moment for me was that SOME DO NOT KNOW PRODUCT DESIGNERS MAKE USER RESEARCH WELL. When I narrated how a product designer works, I even got a job proposal. Before conference, I guess I was with the idea of meeting new product designers working as a UX  designer because there are many of them around me. However, there are many with different backgrounds. 

Such a bias of me, isn' it?

These were the some names I watched their presentation: Ronel Mor, Adrian Zumbrunnen, Vitaly Friedman, Paul Veugen, Mathew Magain, Michael Mckay, Burak Nehbit, Selena. Hadzibabic

The presentation of Mathew Magain was fun to watch. He narrated his UX journey as an illustrator by live cartooning his speech. Unfortunately, I have just heard his name in the conference. 

Mathew Lee was one of the speakers at the conference. I couldn't watch his presentation but I got the chance to participate his workshop. I really like his attitude.

While listening to Lee, I really felt that a process of product design: user research/user experience(UX) was taken out and made another profession. I know, this is a little dramatic approach. 

The another workshop I participated was conducted by Epik İşler, an animation company based in İstanbul.Their presentation was also very clear. But...


the workshop was a NIGHTMARE thanks to lovely(!) people in my table. 

After all, the whole organization was nice.

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